Welcome to the iFlip & Repair Course

Athens iPhone Repair has partnered with iFlip & Repair. This course will allow for customers to make supplemental income by phone flipping. There are 2 options for this course.

Course Offering #1

This course will give you all the in's and out's of the phone flipping world. It will show you where to purchase devices (access to big branded wholesalers that many in the industry want access to, but don't know about). Where to sell devices. Appraisal methods for devices and more. Whether you are looking for extra bill money, or just extra spending money, this could be the course for you.

Course Offering #2

This course will give you all of course #1, with the addition of adding in a full blown repair course. Different tiers of the repair course will be offered, but a majority of past students started with basic iPhone repair which has led to success. Flip phones to profit, while also repairing devices to reduce costs to flip. Or even make money fixing your friends devices. The choice is yours.