Athens iPhone Repair has partnered with iFrenzy iDevices to purchase broken electronics. We will purchase: iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Samsung and more.

Devices can be in working or non-working condition. We do not purchase water damaged devices, but we do offer a recycling program for them. iFrenzy iDevice will check every device(s) IMEI / MEID number prior to purchase. We will notify local authorities if you try to pass off a stole device to us.

Please fill out the form below. After submitting, iFrenzy iDevice customer support will look over all aspects of the form and respond back within 24 hours. Questions? Contact us.

How does iFrenzy Pay For Devices?

Good question. iFrenzy iDevice pays for all devices via business check or PayPal transfer. Please take this into consideration before following through with our contact form.

How Do I get My Device To iFrenzy?

As iFrenzy iDevice is an internet based business, we do not have a physical location to stop into per se. With this being said, we will gladly pay for the shipping of your device to us. Upon our inspection, we notify you via email of the price we will pay. You can either accept or decline our offer. If you accept, we send you out payment. If you decline our offer, we send your device(s) back. We will always send you out a mailing label via email, 100% paid for by us.

iFrenzy iDevice Mailing Address

iFrenzy iDevice

PO BOX 252

Lewis Center, Ohio 43035


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