iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Which is better for every day use?

Every single day we receive the question: Is the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus the better device? After thousands of repairs, and many customers feedback, we believe we have found the answer. Before giving our opinion, allow us to explain a little about each device. First, we have the beloved iPhone 6. Do you remember the huge jump from the iPhone 5 models to the iPhone 6?

The release of the iPhone 6 had adults and children as excited as Christmas morning. From a technical standpoint, the iPhone 6 was backed with various differences in comparison to the iPhone 5s models and below. The most notable difference being the physical size difference, along with a camera upgrade. Comparing the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, there is also a physical size difference. The iPhone 6 display measures 4.7 inches, while its "big brother" measures 5.5 inches. Although a few small differences in the battery life (iPhone 6 Plus edges the 6 in this category), and backwards facing camera differences (iPhone 6 plus--8-megapixel iSight,LED flash,1080p video, optical image stabilization compared to the iPhone 6--8-megapixel iSight,LED flash,1080p video), a key component that makes both devices extremely different is the touch IC issue, or better known as "touch disease".To put it simple, the iPhone 6 plus has a major flaw with the component responsible for controlling the touch screen of the device. This is a worldwide flaw that can cause its user a period of agitation.

So, what are our final thoughts? Which device is better? When it comes to both devices, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus have just a few small differences. Additionally, there is also a price difference between the standard 6 and the 6 plus (6 plus being more expensive). With the notorious Touch IC issue, we give the upper hand to the iPhone 6. From an economic standpoint, overall use, and design standpoint, the iPhone 6 in our opinion gives you the most bang for your buck, while also being more reliable. What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to contact us with your thoughts on this post.

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Best Ways To Prolong Battery Life?

On a week to week basis, we perform many battery replacements on a wide variety of electronics. Most of these battery repairs stem back to the iPhone. We like to refer to the battery of an iPhone as one may compare it to the human body. The older they become, the quicker they deplete. Here are some rather simple ways to keep your device's battery life optimal.

1.) Software. Yes, you heard that right, software. Although we recommend waiting 5-7 days after the initial software release, IOS software updates typically have features to enhance battery life. We personally recommend always backing up your device prior to any software update to ensure all of your information is saved in case of a software update malfunction.

2.) Keep your device in "normal" temperatures. Just like the human body, your electronics work better in certain environments. The best temperature climate for your iPhones battery is typically between 62 to 72 degrees. Of course, outside of these temperatures won't be a deal breaker. However, if your device is being exposed to 95 degree temperatures, it will greatly impact your battery usage as it will cause permanent damage to the battery. On the other end of the spectrum, your device will also experience battery depletion if exposed to freezing (32 degree) temperatures. Who knew the battery within your device was so closely related to your own body?

3.) Your iPhone case can actually hurt your battery. The one thing that you thought would protect your device can actually lead to damage. How you ask? When your device is being charged, certain cases can cause your device to inherit excess heat. If you have ever experienced your device becoming warm while charging (with a case on your device), it is recommended that you remove your device from the case. The increased heat can cause permanent damage to your device, as mentioned in step #2. Although these are just 3 ways to help your batteries life, we assure you there are more. With this being said, we hope you learned something from this blog post to ensure a long lasting battery.

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